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Welcome to our wedding page... That's right, we are getting married! This page will have everything you need to RSVP, help, and be a part of our engagement, wedding, and marriage. Click around and learn all about us and our lives...

January 10th, 2015

Ceremony: 1:00pm   Reception: 3:00pm

Who:  If you are asking this question... You might be at the wrong site... ;)

Patrick Leo McCabe III
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Quote: “Weather? I love weather!"

Hannah Nagle
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Quote: "That's my jam!"

What: A wedding of course... game night, ceremony, reception, and general merriment

Where: Wellspring Spa, just outside of Ashford, WA (at the base of Mt. Rainier)

Why: I asked Hannah if she would think "together" with me forever. This is important since our love for each other is not based on thinking the same, but appreciating the differences that compliment each person to make us better people when we are together. With Hannah, I am a better person and will love her until the end of my days and beyond. That is why... :)

How: With the strength, support, and love of our friends and family.


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Please let us know if you will be coming with a +1, by yourself, or if you are RSVP-ing for a few others too. Just let us know the names of everyone you will be coming with.


Our Registry

We are registered at Williams Sonoma, Crate and Barrel, and Pottery Barn. We have a few select items at other stores, but the good news is you can find them all linked together HERE if you like. Thanks for celebrating with us!




Wellspring is a woodland retreat and spa, located at the base of Mt Rainier, in Ashford, Washington. It is near the southwest corner of Mount Rainier National Park, which is about 2 hours south of Seattle, or 3 hours north of Portland.



While we have reserved all of Wellspring (where our wedding will be held January 10th, 2015), the entire resort only has enough on-site lodging to accommodate some family and friends, so we are recommending lodging at several of the following establishments for everyone else.  We have not blocked them out as there is a large array of accommodations types (cabins, rooms, tents, rental homes etc) so we thought we’d leave it up to you. Click Here for more info and details... 


Attire and Other Info

You can still come if you don't have a tie, but make sure to bring something warm for chilly days and nights. Also, if you plan to take advantage of the hiking in the area, be sure to bring appropriate shoes and clothing. Always pack a raincoat when visiting the Pacific Northwest! 

Please be aware that there is no cell phone reception or internet access at Wellspring. You will lose cell reception while driving through Ashford.

Our Family Crest

mccabe crest1.png

So this is our family crest. I (Patrick) designed it by combining a bunch of different elements. The three salmon are from my original Irish crest. The scalloped waves are from the German "Nagel" crest. The colors are from the Gunn Clan Tartan. The two Western Hemlocks, which are Washington's state tree, flank Mt. Rainier, which is the most glaciated peak in the contiguous USA, while the sunburst rising behind the mountain is actually a bicycle tire and rim representing our love of bicycles and our home in Washington. A stand up paddleboard paddle and ski pole cross in the middle representing our love of the water and snow, but also our love for the different seasons and their perpetual change. At the bottom is a dog as our family companion and "light duty" protector. Our family motto is: "diligimus tempestum" which is Latin for "We love weather." We hope you like it. For our wedding, we have added our initials into the middle and the year below. See the images below from the inspirations...