My Freelance Sales business is a bit new so let me give you a bit of background to help introduce it...
Right out of High School, I got my Oregon real estate license and started working on a team with another agent, David Waite, selling homes in the Portland area. I learned a lot about how to structure a business and cultivate relationships and partnerships over the few years that I worked with him and his wife.
In search of many dreams, I left Oregon and real estate all together to head down to Austin, Texas. I started working with a contractor for the Texas Gas Service establishing new contracts for different services that TGS was looking to outsource. This taught me a lot about looking outside the box to achieve maximum efficiency.

Upon surviving over one whole year in Texas, I moved across the country back up to Washington and got right back into the real estate business. In my first year back, I sold 31 homes. In that time I learned more about success in the business world. What it took, and what some were willing to do to achieve it. I took the tools and experiences that I could and set out to define what it would take for me to succeed. Structure, enjoyment, and creativity were a few of the tools that spoke to me the most. In March of 2007, after receiving the news that I was going to be expecting my first child, I quickly transitioned and progressed through a Pilates certification program which finished with my exit from the real estate business.

Teaching opened up a whole new world to me. I was still able to interact with people on a personal level (the part of real estate that I loved) all the while being able to put in place the business practices and policies that I had learned and developed through my previous endeavors. Bringing the Pilates studio from $3,000 up to over $12,000 in gross receipts per month in under a year took all of the skills I had and also needed some new ones to be learned along the way. After 4 years of owning the studio, I released my interest (divorce) in the studio and was quickly brought on by a local climbing gym as their sales manager and Pilates teacher.

Over the next three years, I was able to put in place the same structure and practices that helped me in the past while adapting to the difference and challenges of working for your own business versus working for someone else. All of these experiences helped me to more than double the revenue and be on pace to quadruple the revenue from before I came on board.
Upon my departure, I started thinking about what was next for me... This is where the idea of Freelance Sales came to mind.